Saint Michael the Archangel by BARITUS Catholic Illustration
Chris Lewis is the illustrator behind BARITUS Catholic Illustration. A convert to the Catholic faith with a professional background in graphic design and a love for illustration, this project came to fruition through a parallel journey in discovering the Truth of Christianity through Catholicism and a return to drawing after many years of setting it aside. The two paths converged after a series of spiritual and intellectual conversions in 2018, and the idea of beginning a project focused on sharing the Catholic faith through art was born. BARITUS is an artistic project dedicated to preserving the legacy of our rich Catholic artistic traditions, but in a way that resonates today.


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BARITUS Catholic Illustration Wordmark Logo



1 trumpeting  2 war-cry


The BARITUS logo symbolically conveys the two meanings of this word by incorporating the trumpet (proclaiming the Faith), and the sword (defending the Faith), and bound together with rope conveying the inextricable connection between the two, and calling to mind the Biblical imagery of armies and angels throughout Scripture.  


If you are in need of illustration or design services for your Catholic business or ministry, or interested in a custom or bulk order purchase of the products I sell for your parish, school, or event, please contact me directly and I will be happy to provide a custom quote.