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Saint Michael the Archangel by BARITUS Catholic Illustration
Chris Lewis is the illustrator behind BARITUS Catholic Illustration. A convert to the Catholic faith with a professional background in graphic design and a love for illustration, this project came to fruition through a parallel journey in discovering the Truth of Christianity through Catholicism and a return to drawing after many years of setting it aside. The two paths converged after a series of spiritual and intellectual conversions in 2018, and the idea of beginning a project focused on sharing the Catholic faith through art was born. BARITUS is an artistic project dedicated to preserving the legacy of our rich Catholic artistic traditions, but in a way that resonates today.


Ascension Press
TAN Books
The Augustine Institute

Saint Michael's Abbey
The Dominican House of Studies
The Catholic Woodworker
Cruachan Hill Press
Kolbe Academy
Pauline Books
Mass of the Ages Film​​
Angelico Press
Word on Fire Ministries
Imperium Coffee

Tridentine Brewing Company
Voyage Comics

Harrison Butker
Covenant Network Catholic Radio
Purification Heritage Center
F.C. Ziegler Company
Catholic Connect
The Avodah Collective

The Judith Project
Ashland Hills Chandlery


Willehad Netherlands
Catholic Will
Transcendentals Catholic Journal
Cristina Spinei

Traditional Catholic Men
Yellow Sash Project
Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic H.S.
Catholic Men's Conf. of the Carolinas
Federation of Northern Explorers GA
Saint Paul Street Evangelization
Holy Angels Catholic Church
Church of the Redeemer, VA
Saint Francis de Sales, GA
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, CO
Sacred Heat of Jesus Parish, MA
Catholic Faith Network
Archdiocese of Kansas
Archdiocese of Arlington
Archdiocese of Indianapolis
Archdiocese of St. Augustine
Archdiocese of Portland



Phillip Campbell
Derya Little
Regina Doman
Denise Mallett
Konstanin Stäbler

Theoni Bell
Mark Hart
Brian Patrick Edwards

BARITUS Catholic Illustration Wordmark Logo



1 trumpeting  2 war-cry


The BARITUS logo symbolically conveys the two meanings of this word by incorporating the trumpet (proclaiming the Faith), and the sword (defending the Faith), and bound together with rope conveying the inextricable connection between the two, and calling to mind the Biblical imagery of armies and angels throughout Scripture.  



The Blue Mantle, St. Augustine FL
F.C. Ziegler Co
The Catholic Woodworker
Visions of Good Help Shop
Catholic Family Land, Bloomingdale OH
Saint Francis de Sales Bookstore, Mableton GA

Please reference the Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting a message through the contact form. Contact me here if interested in placing an order for custom products for your Catholic parish, school, or event such as ordination, wedding, baptism or confirmation, and I can provide a quote.


Due to increasing demand and communications about my work and products, and with limited time available to respond, I unfortunately can no longer guarantee replies regarding these common questions This contact form will be reserved to address inquiries into custom orders only. For help on frequently asked questions, please refer to my responses below.

I have a question about an order I placed in your shop.

Please send all order inquiries to me via Etsy and include your order # for reference. This is the best place to get an immediate response regarding any questions or concerns about your order. 


Thank you.

Can you take my personal commission request?

At this time I have stopped booking commissions indefinitely due to a full schedule. Please refer back to this page in the future if still interested in a commission, and things may open back up.

Can you draw Saint ______ or ______ for me?

As mentioned above, commissions are closed at the moment, however I intend to draw many more Saints in time. It's all a matter of time and inspiration converging. Follow @barituscatholic on Instagram or Facebook to see my most recent artwork.

Can I license use of your art?

Possibly. It will depend on the work in question, and the intended use. I do not license my artwork for use by other brands on their own products that are parallel to things that I produce. I do license my artwork for example, to parishes and schools, ministries and publishers, or commercial products as long as the product is unique to the inquiring brand and a good fit for my work. You can use the contact form above to inquire about specific details.

Can you sell me digital copies of your work?

In this day and age of digital media, I am extremely sensitive to protecting my intellectual property and copyright ownership. This work, and the products I make go to support my family and keep the business operational, so I do not release my digital files.

Can I reproduce your products in my country?

I am not looking to expand production of any of my products internationally at this time, however I do ship the products I make internationally and quite frequently. I understand that shipping is expensive, but due to copyright issues stated above, I am very protective of the control over my work and the quality of the products I offer.

When will you restock the ______ tee?

The tees in my shop are offered with limited availability. When designs sell out, I try to bring them back every several months as long as there is strong demand still. No tee is guaranteed to be restocked, so pick them up while you can! I also try to introduce a new design every few months, or bring back a variation of old designs every so often. 

Can you make your ______ illustration into a product?

A lot of planning goes into the development of new products, and there are many factors such as demand and cost to consider. For this reason I do not take custom requests for specific products. I do however offer custom options with existing products. If you see a sticker you love but would like it in a larger size, it may be possible to get that into my shop as a limited custom item. Again it will depend on demand. I have recently introduced the option of printing posters and phone cases on demand in my shop, so if you are interested in one of my existing designs but do not see it available on those products, I can set that up though it may take a few weeks before it becomes available. The shop at is probably the best place to reach me about those requests. 

I'd like to send a personal message or inform you of
your work being stolen, can I use the contact form?

Absolutely! I always love hearing feedback about my work, questions about the faith, and a head's up about unauthorized use of my work. While I read everything that comes in, it's not always possible to respond however, but I am always very grateful!

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